Lamson Model 30

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    Thought I would share some pics of this before I sell it. I bought this a gazillion years ago in Chicago. I can't really explain why it took me soooo long to restore it. The metal parts are primarily german nickel that was just polished probably 15 years ago. The little finials on top that hold on the top and the other 2 that hold the repro from Kenny topsign were replated because they were brass and so was the dustcover and little drawer pull. I had a blast restoring this machine. I did take it all the way apart. It is built like a tank. The cast side frames are even thicker than the National side frames. This was a very interesting machine to work on and discover. The adding counter is especially interesting how it is incremented. The key arrestors are also cleverly done. I don't think that you could ever wear this machine out! It has a national tag as well as a Lamson tag on the bottom of the drawer. There are 2 little 6/32 screw holes on either side of the impressed into "The Lamson Register" lettering that presumably held a "National" casting that was added to cover the Lamson name after national bought them out and had to sell 2000 or so of these themselves. The serial number is stamped on the dustcover, right sideframe and drawer bottom into the wood. It is serial number 72719. Anyway, it was fun to work on a non national just to see other mechanical ideas that accomplish the same functions.

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