Blue Glass Key Check

2 years 6 months ago #681 by NAV
NAV created the topic: Blue Glass Key Check
I have been looking for a large round .10 cent blue glass key check for a long time. So today I bought a parts machine that had it. This is a little trick I taught myself forty years ago that it is easier to buy a junker register and take what you want from it, than to try and buy just the parts. Now, since I am a good guy, I will sell off the parts I don't need including

A wood drawer with Patterson Pull and data tag that matches the low 21,000 serial number.
Fancy wood lid cover.
Fancy wood back panel.
Tree piece mechanism cover set with left hand ring up.
Fancy till with fluted rail,
Two nice side panels & cross over bars & key comb
Good set of flag indicators
Bunch of blue glass key checks
All the short key arms.


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