My Basic mechanism clean up

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    I try only to buy jammed and stuck machines. I have become pretty good at getting them going right when we get home. As most of you all ready know as long as there is no physical damage to the mechanism, its really just a matter of oiling it up and cleaning out any debris (mostly mouse droppings) to get it going. here is my basic procedure.

    1- get machine home and take photographs
    2- strip off all the brass from the mechanism
    3- remove wood drawer
    4- remove all flags
    5- once at this level i will take it outside and blow it off with compressed air
    6- I then take the whole machine and dunk it in a tank of de greaser and water (let it soak for 15 min)
    7- once removed from tank i use an air hose that sucks up the same de greaser and power wash the unit
    8- I rinse with a compressed air water wash
    9- a straight pure air blow down
    10- a compressed air spray of WD-40
    11- a straight air blow down to get rid of any pooling wd-40
    12- a wash and then air blow down with KROIL

    Through all the steps the machine is constantly rung and put through the motions. The only change up would be a controlled wire brushing of any metal that has dusty or flaky rust on it. Its important to use the air blasting as the last step to leave the machine coated thinly but not pooling or heavily coated in oil. Usually after all this the mechanism looks beautiful.

    Note- I do not fully dunk a machine with wood indicators or roller wheels unless removed.
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