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    This drawer was in bad shape and a good candidate for a new bottom . The tag was still there and I tried to keep it intact. First of all I carefully took the drawer apart and stripped the old lime green paint off it and sanded lightly. I have a sheet of 1/4" mahogany in the shop so all that was needed was time. I cut the tag out of the old drawer bottom and sent it thru the planner and made as this as possible to be glued on new bottom when complete. I used the old bottom as a template for size and location of coin slides . I cut out 1/8" of wood so the coin slides would sit flush and assembled dry to make sure all fits. I marked out holes for nails for the dividers and drilled from top to avoid missing centers. I reassembled the drawer with nails and glue and cleaned good with a wet rag. I used a light coat of stain and clear poly to complete. It 's just time
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    Thanks for sharing your tips and ideas on cash register repairs with us.
    I appreciate it and look forward to further discussions from you on the web site..

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