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    I made the post below on both facebook pages, Cash Register Collectors Club, and National Brass Cash Registers. Neal Schwantez from Germany posted on facebook the post that is below mine.

    Many people contact this site with questions about antique cash registers. Most questions can be answered by obtaining a copy of the Yellow Book on Antique Cash Registers by Bartsch and Sanchez, and Volume I & II of the Incorruptible Cashier by Richard L. Crandall and Sam Robins. You could even ask your local library to order it for you. These books have a wealth of information. Of course, it would require a little effort on your part to actually research the info you need, but would be worth it for you in the long run.


    Neal Schwantes. I just want to point out that all three of these fabulous books have been out of print since the 1990's. They can still be found but not from the original publishers. I believe Richard Crandall still sells the Incorruptible Cashier books in digital form. On a side note, the amazing information in these books deal with the antique cash registers produced and sold in the United States. There aren't any books in any language that I know of dealing with the antique cash registers of Europe. In actual fact, there is one and I have written it but it has never been published. I've been working on this book for the last 20 years and it has a ton of information and hundreds of color illustrations of cash registers from all over Great Britain and Europe. If anyone has a question about cash registers sold in Europe before World War One, I will gladly try to help with answers. Neal Schwantes, Germany.

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