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    The three different Cash Register Facebook Forums have over 1500 members opening up an entire new potential market of cash register collecting. Unfortunately, most newbies have received a register for FREE or next to nothing and feel entitled for absolutely every piece of FREE information they're brains can absorb. Why join the CRCC for $40.00 a year when they "prefer to get information for free online". Joining the CRCC would provide a look at the membership directory to see what fellow collectors might live near by. Newbies aren't interested in that. They expect to have veteran cash register collectors snap to their request for assistance, and even come over and fix their inoperative cash register. Little do they know that in real live things don't happen like that.

    While many CRCC Members think antique and collectible cash register collecting are the wood and fancy brass case machines, today's emphasis has shifted to the mental case registers of the 20s, 30's, 40's and 50's. When told late model metal cash machines in rusty, inoperative condition, and missing parts have no value other than what a salvage dealer would give them, they become highly upset. Other newbies believe they shouldn't be told a register has virtually no value because it hurts the owners feeling.

    In my opinion, the LIBERAL American Education System has FAILED to teach the Economic Theory of Supply and Demand. GROUP Think has replaced independent research, and such items as reference books like the Yellow Book of Antique Cash Registers and Volume I & II of the Incorruptible Cashier by Sam Robins and Rick Crandall exist. Google searches on a specific cash register or even the fact there is an American Public Library System where reference books can be ordered in for you appears to be top secret information

    Now my question - How long do you think it will be before Facebook Forum Posters start inquiring about the value and how to market the family heirloom Fisher Price and Tom Thumb Cash Registers? I know it is coming, only a matter of time.

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