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Showtime Auction was created by NAV
I attended the Showtime Auction this past weekend and found it a very pleasant event. Weather was perfect, little traffic on the road, and I encountered a number of cash register collector's that I have known for decades. The 82 registers and another 100 plus lots of misc cash register items was a lot to absorb on Saturday, and by Sunday I limited down the number of items I would be bidding on.

One of the bright spots of the auction was that I met a new collector who bought his first register four months ago, and at this Showtime Auction bought a restored model 0 with a clock for a very reasonable price. He was very happy, and I was happy four him. It was disappointing not to see more CRCCI members in attendance. CRCCI members need to support the hobby, otherwise there will be no hobby.

While I didn't get all the items I wanted, I did buy some nice glass top signs. One has already been placed on a scroll model 5 in my workshop replacing an original three hump top sign. Adds a little color, and I enjoy looking at it. Photo's below.

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