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    Arrangements have been made to hold the Thursday April 6th CRCCI Swap Meet at the Kane County Fairgrounds from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM. Sincere thanks to DEDICATED CRCCI Member John Arito for all his efforts in making the swap meet happen. John stepped up when the CRCCI lack less leadership let us down.

    This event will be held in the same building as the November Swap Meet with access to the building thru the REAR FAIRGROUNDS ENTRANCE. Follow the signs.

    Tables are $15.00 each and confirmation on the number of tables is required to be made on the CRCCI Web Site by Wednesday evening. If any confirmations are made after Wednesday evening, and providing tables are still available, the table rate will jump to $25.00.

    If you confirm a table or tables you are responsible for payment even if you don’t show up to use the table/tables. The following individuals
    Have already made a confirmation and need not reconfirm.

    Jim Sharp 1
    Bud Kovtas 1
    Bill Navratil 1
    Jack Dietrich 1
    Todd Crook 2
    Mark Weber 2

    Participation at the swap meet and attendance at the CRCCI meeting at the Quality Inn starting at 2:00 PM Thursday afternoon is encouraged.

    Our CRCCI President and Vice President have been MISSING IN ACTION since the November Show. Both have taken a vow of silence on the up and coming swap meet. A sign of real leadership, and perhaps why under their combined leadership of the last 6 to 8 years the CRCCI has become a sinking ship.

    This email will be mailed to all CRCCI members as well as posted on the club web site. To avoid and confusion on the confirmation of tables, please confirm tables by replying to this post on the CRCCI Web Site.

    Anyone in need of a bed at the Quality Inn for April 6th & 7th who would like to share a room and split the costs email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Looking forward to seeing you on April 6th. If you don't like that members took charge while the leadership turned a blind eye and deaf ear and ignored this situation, all I can say is TOUGH $H!t.

    Bill Navratil

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