Original or Reproduction sign

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  • Original or Reproduction sign was created by rvkapp1
    This sign obviously looks original to me, with the original lettering paint flaking off and the patina. I guess the general rule of ALL feet holes being completely centered in the foot is not completely true. Anybody have thoughts or opinions? Maybe this was drilled at the factory on Friday at 5pm on a holiday weekend? :)


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    1 year 5 months ago #3561 by NAV

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    I had a bronze 442 Amount Purchased sign at the swap meet last November that had holes 10.25" center to center and the same type machining on the two holes. However, they were not dead center in the feet. Original paint lettering, and the top portion of the sign was exact to the standard original sign. Some CRCCI members told me it was a repro, the buyer said it was original. Like you, I was under the impression all the mounting holes were drilled dead center, but I have since learned other wise.

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