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2 weeks 4 hours ago #5501 by Lewistonkid

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  • NCR Model 852-XX Jammed was created by Lewistonkid
    I have a NCR Model 852-XX and serial #2057526 that I’ve had for over 50 years. Quite a few years back it jammed and I was unable to get it to release. It got shoved out of sight and has spent 15 years under the basement stairs. I got it out recently with the hope of fixing it and repainting the faux wood finish.
    I ordered a guide with tips but have not had any success. At this point the crank handle will not turn. The letter keys can be pushed down but they don’t stay in place. I have been puttering with any part I can find but to no avail
    I hope someone insight and idea to help me along.

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    2 weeks 3 hours ago - 2 weeks 3 hours ago #5502 by Lombard Illinois

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  • Replied by Lombard Illinois on topic NCR Model 852-XX Jammed
    Well first off i dont think it will crank with the drawer out.
    Push drawer in and try.
    Sounds gummed up.
    There is a shaft in a shaft in a shaft in the back.
    These rotate around each other and as the grease
    dried out it turns to like a tar which is sticky.
    keep spring with spray oil while laying on one side
    then the other. let set for a few days and keep

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    1 week 6 days ago #5504 by rvkapp1

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  • Replied by rvkapp1 on topic NCR Model 852-XX Jammed
    Your machine is in mid cycle and needs cranked through before you can trip the mech again with the letter keys. You can try disengaging the anti-reverse arm on the Main rear cam. It is located on the rear right side. Once disengaged, you should be able to turn the crank in reverse then try turning forward, back and fourth while lubercating the mech. Hopefully it will finish the cycle.

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