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    Anyone have any information about the set up procedures for the swap meet? I heard a rumor that it will be at the fair grounds, and the CRCCI will have eight tables available for eight people on a first come basis, with one table each for the first eight people. Tables to cost $10.00 each. Is this rumor FACT or FICTION? This info should be made public and NOT KEPT A SECRET like the CRCCI Finances.

    Now the really hard questions. Where on the fairgrounds will the table set up be located? What time is set up? While tables are $10.00 each, will they be six or eight foot long? Will the space that the tables sit in also have a cost? At all the antique shows and flea markets I have set up at there was a space rental charge, and an additional charge for renting tables, which was usually $10.00 per table. Will there be any promotional advertisement for the swap meet? Will CRCCI people setting up have to pay an admission charge to enter the event grounds to set up? What is the likelihood that CRCCI members will dig deep into their shallow pockets to pay an admission charge to enter the swap meet?

    I assume the CRCCI Officers will be leading by example and setting up great merchandise to sell at low bargain basement prices, but who else will be setting up? I hope members realize you can't display too many brass cash registers on a six or eight foot table, plus they better bring a cart to haul the merchandise inside the building. I discourage members setting up charging a buyer premium to fellow CRCCI members.

    I have listed on ebay a bunch of cash register stuff under my ebay name AA-NCR. If interested, email me and I will bring it to the Chicago event next month. If you are traveling to or from the show along the Ohio Turnpike and are passing thru Cleveland give me a call and stop over. I live near I-77 & the Ohio Turnpike Exit 11.

    In closing I encourage the membership to reimburse Mr. Dick for the money he spent to have our newsletter published and mailed. Thanks Dick for stepping up and doing what the leadership couldn't or wouldn't do. Many members appreciate your time and effort.

    Happy Collecting,


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