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    There was a query on a machine from Helene regarding an orange coloured machine. This machine is a class 3 it had up to 5 department totals and a coloured system (charge Paid out Rec'd on Acct) on some as this machine replaced the class 51 and 52 that were being built in Germany. One of our major supermarkets in Australia has quite a few thousand here, they were built to a price as the Japanese were making inroads to the cash register markets. There was 3 colours that I knew of mainly the standard Tan & Chocolate and the Orange and also a blue colour. The control lock is the same as a 51 and 52 class machine. The cabinet came off in 2 parts without having to use a screwdriver , the keyboard clips out as an assembly and the counter comes out by removing 1 clip. easy to work on. After a couple of years on a checkout the plastic cabinet looked older than a 300 class. I just threw out most of my spares at the end of last year as I have not seen one not even on ebay advertised for sale.. Milton

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