Club Financial Report Vs. Bank Account Balance

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  • Several times I have brought up the issue of having the CRCCI posting a financial report. All I have seen is the statement below that said what the checking account balance is. (See below). A report would tell the sources of income and sources of expenditures along with future expenditure, and anticipated revenue. Guess nobody cares where all the money went, and apparently nobody is responsible for an accountability of funds. Again, I would like to see the report from the time Jack left the presidency with a lot of money in the check book balance, to the current date.

    As of January 08, 2016
    Below is email i received from,

    The actual balance of the club treasury is $2,687.66. This does not include the expenses for the Dec 2015 Newsletter. After removing those expenses, the balance will be $1,145.78.

    Now what I find interesting is that on January 21, 2016 the editor sent me the message below

    Thanks, Bill. I haven’t started the next issue yet—still waiting for payment for the last one..

    Common sense would dictate that the club pay the editor what is owed her in a timely fashion, especially since the newsletter
    is the only thing that keeps members sending in their dues. Without the newsletter there is no CRCCI.

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    2 years 11 months ago #1527 by Jeff Kreft

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  • Replied by Jeff Kreft on topic Club Financial Report Vs. Bank Account Balance
    Does it really cost over $1500 to print and send out 1 issue of the newsletter, maybe I'm not up to date on cost, but it seems kind of high to me, the coin op collectors club has a newsletter they send out, I will find out what their costs is.

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