1890 NCR "woodie", Size 3, question

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  • My "woodie" was once used as a toy for children to play with. It was in terrible shape when I acquired it due to neglect and abuse. The shelf above the cash drawer [is this shelf called "the till"?] was not original so I had to make a new shelf to replicate an original one. Now I need to affix this new shelf to the register. There are holes in each of the side panels which extend vertically through the side from the bottom of the base all the way through to where the shelf sits on the side panel. Are these holes designed for long screws for securing the top shelf? Should there be holes in the top shelf for cap screws or capture nuts? I want to restore my "woodie" to its original look so I would like to know how the shelf is mounted. Any information from you experts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, in advance, for your help.
    All these questions were answered. I learned that my register was modified incorrectly and my assumptions were wrong concerning mounting the shelf over the cash drawer. There are two pocket holes on the inside of the sides which is where wood screws go to secure the shelf. A very simple solution to an initially puzzling problem. Thanks to all who helped.
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