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    I wanted to get started doing a tear down of a recent Model 12 that I purchased to see what I had. Having another 12 that was in rough shape on the shelf, I thought it would be a good idea to do both of them at the same time. After I got the cases off of both machines I was surprised to see how many differences I found between them. These differences may be very common but being my first plunge into a Model 12 I am not sure. I thought I would share what I have.

    The picture from the front shows the register on the left with a $1 ring up, red flash and the No Sale flag (sanded down) is normal size. The register on the right is an .85 ring up, no flash and the No Sale flag is double in size. They had to use a special bracket to move the No Sale flag back far enough to clear the other flags.

    The picture from the back show the register on the left with a T shaped cast iron bar that swings the flag release bar and the open drawer lock arm at the bottom. The register on the right does not have this but instead you can see on the right next to the flags an arm that is spring loaded to the front that operates the flag release bar. You can also see the back of the bracket holding the no sale flag.

    Picture 3 shows the two different style sides of the detail adder mechanism and the fourth shows the two different types of patent tags (however one of those may very well have been changed).

    I thought this was interesting and wondered if this is typical for the 12?


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    2 years 1 month ago - 2 years 1 month ago #3106 by notsosharp

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    The .85 ring up is really cool.
    The wide no sale flag is common with narrow top fine scroll 5 [no flash ] registers. Used with" Nothing Sold" and "No Sale".
    The patent plate without a serial number and a no12 model designation is similar to those used with wide top fine scroll 5 registers.
    Could have been original or a mixture of parts.
    There is a possibility that the mechanism with the wide no sale flag really was from or originally intended for a narrow top register.
    Looks like two neat projects.

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    2 years 1 month ago #3108 by Dick Witcher

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    In the early years National had a lot of competition from cast iron cheap machines so they started the Ionic series from models 11 to 26. These were cast iron cabinets & a lot of cost reduced parts but still the same basic machine inside. The cast iron machines rusted & the small machines sold well so I guess they had the foresite to build the #12 as a premium brass machine. The key checks could be any amounts but there was a standard set. The #11 had the plain Jane counter side frames just like your first machine. This #12 could have been a factory install or a change at a later date because both counters were the same except for the fancy sides. The wide No Sale was on the model 5 & used on your machine. I think they stopped making them wide because of cost. They made the red flash "sale Not Yet Recorded" because customers got confused when the new indicators were up before the old ones fell. This made it nessisary to widen the cabinet corners. You will see a few other models that hade both the narrow & wide corners. The narrow ones are the older ones. A lot of things evolved for cost, dependability, etc. Over each series life times you will see a lot of changes & that's before the amature (&professional) restorer got hold of them.

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    2 years 1 month ago #3109 by poolmandoug

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  • Replied by poolmandoug on topic Model 12
    Thank you Jim and Dick for the additional insight. This machine is certainly a hybrid but that makes it interesting!


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