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  • National model 143 Department store register was created by Dick Witcher
    I had someone ask me a while back "How do you get the cabinet off of a 143"? At the time I had 2 stored away & couldn't really get to it. I took one down today & Robert Hall said they had done one a long time ago & thought you have to take the wood drawer base off. I took one of mine off of the shelf & remove the base. I laid it on it's back & remove the screws on the lower base. I could then see 4 screws going up into the machine. I removed these & the nut fell inside of the machine & the base came off. I saw on the bottom side of the machine a long rod going from one side to the other. It was screwed to the base with 4 screws & 2 "U" shaped brackets. The rod had a hooked latch on each end plus a longer one that went up into the machine. It had a spring that holds these in place can be unhooked so the cabinet is free? There is another latch on the handle side that I think does the same thing. There is also a knob on the left that holds the date wheels. I think this just screws out. The crank is through the cabinet & I can see a pin in it. I think I have to drive it out. Then the biggest problem is the cast lock on the right. I can't see anyway to get by it?
    After all of this If anyone has ever done this please Help me before make a big mistake.
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