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  • I received my Show Time Auction Catalog yesterday and enjoyed looking at all the great merchandise to be offered for sale, but would like to advised any perspective bidders of these Brass Cash Registers to use caution when bidding and to do a thorough inspection before bidding crazy money.

    Two months ago when I first found out about this lot of 50 cash registers to be offered at the Show Time Auction I called the auctioneer and asked who the owner of this lot of 50 machines. The auctioneer said he was not at liberty to say, because the owner wanted to remain anonymous. This was a red flag to be cautious The auctioneer said he was sure everyone would figure it out soon enough.

    The first question that came across my mind was who would want to keep the sale of their registers a secret, and why would they want to keep the sale a secret, yet have it promoted on the CRCCI website. Then the light bulb went on. Why wouldn't the owner want to be transparent about the up and coming auction, and then I remembered the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY that existed in the CRCCI in recent years, and who was responsible for it. Then a fellow CRCCI member told me he recognize a number of the registers he sold to the owner of the registers being offered at the up and coming showtime auction.The individual who purchased these registers in no longer a member of the CRCCI, but wants the CRCCI to advertise, promote, and have the members buy his machines.

    I encourage all of our membership to go to this Ann Arbor, Michigan auction. It is always a most enjoyable time even if you don't buy anything, and the Weber Inn is a great host facility. But again, use caution before bidding. The lack of TRANSPARENCY the owner believes in continues in the Show Time Catalog showing the registers for sale. The first few examples are a nice scroll model 1 with a repro 313 top sign, a scroll model 6 with a 250 repro top sign. A 52 1/4 advertised as a model 52, and a 50 1/4 advertised as a model 50. A large number of the machines have reproduction signs, even though original top signs are in abundance. While these machine present well in the pictures, I can't help but thinking, and am of the opinion, that they might possibly be the lesser machines in an expansive collection, and because of a track record of lack of transparency, and in my OPINION, just might have some issues, and multiple reproduction parts besides the top sign. This is just my opinion, don't know factually, but would caution any perspective buyer to do a through examination before bidding. Some food for thought is why would you spend good money to have a nice expensive restored model 1 or 6 and have the WRONG reproduction top sign on it? What kind of restoration could this me. A reproduction top sign is going to cost you the same money, be it a 313 or model 1, or 250 or model 6. I can't figure this one out. My belief is restored Brass Cash Register should be restored to the same or better quality than they were went they rolled off the NCR assembly line. The guy's I know who do restorations would never place the wrong reproduction top sign on a finished restoration.

    Another possibly about the LACK OF TRANSPARENCY on ownership could be the possibility that the owner of the machines being offered for sale is who I am of the opinion I think it is, was a guy who would always hammer the people who he bought machines from, and an individual who would rather buy a top sign or clock on an online auction for more money than he would pay from a CRCCI member, and by remaining anonymous is hoping the membership won't realize it is him. I would NOT be surprised to find some shill bidders trying to run up the register prices. Hope not, just an opinion with nothing to back it up, but would fit into the pattern of gamesmanship being played.

    Hope to see many of you at this Show Time Auction.

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