Request for Someone to Donate a Cash Register

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  • I had a teacher contact me from a craigslist ad looking for a donation of an old brass cash register. Unfortunately, I don't have that big of of a heart to give machines away for free, but I do believe there are enough kind and generous collector's in the CRCCI that would be willing to help a school teacher out with his class project. Below is the email I received.

    What are the chances of a kinder, gentler, more generous collector stepping up and helping this well paid educator, with an obvious sense of entitlement, out with a free cash register? I know brass cash registers have dropped in value, but never though they would drop so low that people would expect you to give them away.

    Hi. I am looking to finish building a set for an upcoming science TV show for middle schoolers. My original concept had an old fashioned cash register included in its design. We are a registered not-for-profit organization. Which translates into no budget. I love your cash register but we can’t afford it.

    If you would ever like to donate it to a worthy cause, we would be so happy to accept and to give you a tax deduction.

    Please look at our website. We're legit. You can even see my original drawing.

    Kevin Schoonover
    Prove Your World, Inc.
    Creative Director
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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