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    My name is john and I just joined the site last night based of the recommendation of mike Z. Just looking around I see that I have spoken to and purchased from many of you. I thought it might be a good idea to tell you a little about myself and how i got into collecting. Its not exactly a riveting story but as someone who is fairly new to collecting I thought that it may stir up some memories for those who have been in this for a while.

    Its been about three years now since I was first introduced into the NCR world when I purchased my first register. My wife and I were on Shelter Island in NY. My boss has a property there and as a gift he let my wife and I stay there for a long weekend. There was not much to do on the island except to enjoy the beautiful views. On our last day we saw a place of the side of the road that was selling antiques and collectibles. It was a permanent structure but very shed like and rickety. We walked through but did not see anything particularly interesting.

    The woman in the shop mentioned that there was a garage outside with more stuff. We went out there but the same thing, just junk. Now while outside and heading to the garage we walked past a huge junk pile. I mean this pile was about 6 feet high and 10 feet in diameter. it looked like a scrap metal pile and there were all kinds of bugs and mosquito's living in all the parts catching water. Literally at the bottom of the pile just sticking out a little was what looked like a decorative piece of metal. After tugging and pulling at it I saw it was a brass cash register.

    I had always wanted a register to put in our house of eclectic items from days gone by, but was never able to afford one. Now this thing was beat to hell and not only was tarnished but completely rusted. I thought for a moment that maybe it could be polished but then changed my mind. As we got into the car my wife saw that something was on my mind. I told her that I really wanted a register but I bet the owners would ask for a lot because I showed interest. She said just go in and make an offer and stick to it! (we had seen that everything else in the place was pretty overpriced so I was not expecting this to be any different). Not having a single clue to what a register in that shape would be. I resolved to go in at $75 and not let myself be talked into more than $100

    I put on my meanest most stern face and walked right up to the owner and said "I am willing to give you $75 for that old rusted cash register!" The owner looked at me and said "sir, there is no way I can do that......give me $40". (so much for my superior negotiating skills LOL).

    Well we loaded it up and drove home that day. That register took me a year and a half to restore. I had to find parts and literature. I did all kinds of ebay searches and you tube videos to get parts and learn how to finish such tarnished brass. When I was done I had (what I thought ) was a presentable working machine. I look at it now and I am actually a little embarrassed and that machine is back in line with some others for restoration.

    Well after spending so much time playing with this thing I really missed it when I was done. At this point most of you know the feeling.....I was hooked. In the last two years or so I have restored about 8 machines and I have 10 more in line to be done. I am traveling to Ohio next week to get another and in two weeks we are doing a long weekend loop in MA to pick up 4 more machines.

    I am by no means an expert yet and I have a lot to learn. My machines would be considered very common by most of you but each one holds a special memory because they represent a trip that my wife and I have taken together. Each register trip does not just involve the register, but we try to see some local site or go hiking in the area. the trips have brought us closer together and my wife never minds me buying because it always means a road trip adventure.

    I look forward to learning from you all and to continue honing my skills. I would very roughly clean and polish my machines but now I have a good system and I have invested in a 1HP buffer to do correct polishing. There is definitely a learning curve to restoring the cases and the mechanisms. I just ruined a 313 by trying to do something I should not have but thats part of the curve.

    I will post some stuff I have done or have bought. Again these will not interest most of you and you may feel my work is not up to par but be patient, I am doing the best I can with this new addictive hobby. I will see if I can attach pics of my first machine in this post.

    Glad to be here.


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    If in or near the Cleveland area give me a call and stop over.
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    What a very nice invitation. I do not know much about Ohio but we are going to be in the Youngstown area. I am planning to meet with a guy from Columbus who is going to drive up to us in Youngstown and then my wife and I are going to try and do some hiking in Canfield before heading back. The problem with a lot of our trips is that they have to be short. I work M-F and she works S-T, so the only mutual day off we have together is Saturday. Thanks again though for the offer


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