March 15 is deadline

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    the editor needs your pictures, articles and anything else you want to say for the bronze Idol by March 15

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    Perhaps the CRCCI could publish a current membership list, a financial accounting of expenditures over the past six years, and a projection of future expenditures. This material might be of interest to those of us who are not able to attend CRCCi meetings. I realize this would require some effort on the part of club leadership, but I feel strongly the membership is entitled to know this data.. I realize this type of factual data might be embarrassing to the leadership, but in my opinion, our fearless leaders should be held accountable for more than their usual song, dance and spin routine.

    It is nice that VP ZIT makes a post asking the membership to contribute to the newsletter, so it is not unreasonable to ask that the VP, Present and Treasurer also contribute useful information to the newsletter pertaining to the status of the organization. Most organizations would do this automatically, but not the CRCCI. Makes me wonder why?

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