December issue of Broze Idol

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    Happy New Year,

    I received my newsletter on Saturday. Nice Job Jack. I appreciate that it contained a Message from the Treasurer. Many nice photo's to look at. Unfortunately this newsletter lacked content and news. There needs to be input from members other than just Dicks usual Tech Talk input. I hope members appreciate Dicks effort, because without Dicks input there would be no Bronze Idol. This issue of the Bronze Idol should have had a year end review and optimistic outlook for 2017 written by the President and or Vice President.

    Not surprised there was no year end review or optimistic outlook from the top CRCCI leadership, but disappointed because the absence of this data indicates that the CRCCI is still in a downward spiral.

    I really enjoyed the photo's our European Collectors shared with us from their gathering in Valtice CZ. Also, as a collector of top signs, drawer fronts, and lid plates, I was delighted to see the nicely displayed drawer front collection on the cover on the newsletter

    Bill Navratil

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