31 Key Arm Ionic Case Pattern Model 20 headed for Chicago

1 year 4 months ago - 1 year 4 months ago #3810 by NAV

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  • I'm bringing this great, all original condition, NCR Model 20 in the Ionic Case Design. This is a cast iron case. Mechanism is near perfect. Best paint and lettering on the flag indicators and flash that I have ever seen. Original top sign. Complete set of 31 brass key checks. Wood drawer and base are in excellent condition. Drawer sticker matches the numbers on the Model & Serial Number Tag. Only the two pieces of glass in front & back of the flag indicators is missing. Absolutely NO Issues with this register. The 31 key arm Ionic Case Registers are more scarce than the other Ionic Pattern Machines. This would be an easy restoration project because the machine is all complete and operative. Case could use a little cleaning, but mechanism doesn't need to be touched. Detail adder strips look good, and the three piece dust cover set is near perfect. If interested contact me.

    There are a lot of junk registers out on the market, but this one is the real deal. Complete, working, all original, and in nice original condition. I have taken photo's from all possible angles, but since we are limited to posting only five photo's, I took advantage of our Face Book Page, Cash Register Collectors Club, and posted all the photo's.

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