Michigan #7 Mechanism and Drawer Front

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  • Two items for sale. Both $60.00 each. Free Delivery to the Swap Meet/Chicagoland Show in April.

    Original Michigan 7 Drawer Front. 2 7/8" x 7 1/2". Polished and nickel plated. Very good condition, not mint.
    Shipping would be $7.99

    Complete & Working Michigan 7 Mechanism. A little rough, but all there and working. If you are restoring a small
    Michigan 7 style machine this would come in handy for the missing parts, broke springs, flags, and etc. that you
    need to complete the machine. Buyer would pay actual shipping costs if not picked up at my place or the swap meet.
    I'm guess the shipping to be in the 30 - 35 dollar range.

    I have other Michigan type machine parts.

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