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    I just wanted to share a few finds that I have gotten over the past few weeks.

    The first is a very rough and jammed Nickel 313 that I found on some obscure auction website. It had a very low bid and it was close by to where I lived so I put a low max bid offer on it. I went to bed thinking that I wouldn’t get it but I ended up winning it for less than my max bid. I was overseas on business so I had my wife pick it up. Over the phone I told her how to open the drawer and to our surprise, it had a handful of silver dollars and silver half-dollars. I haven’t had that happen to me before.

    Second is a yellow brass Model 441. Not much to say about this one except I had been looking at it for a while and I was finally able to talk the store owner way down on it. It was from a clothing store in Seattle, which is my hometown so I appreciated the connection.

    Last is a model 52 ¼. I really like the style of these and I had been on the lookout for one for a while. It was a 4 hour drive away but I was able to turn it into a fun road trip with the wife. Anyone know the approximate date on the bill weights?

    I hope people will also post their recent finds, it is cool to see people still finding good deals out there.

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