broken cast frame

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    This machine had a snapped frame which I only found after stripping off case. With a printer attached and little experience under my belt i had to find a way to repair this break. I came up with this plate and epoxy system. The plate was cut from a nail protector plate that was bought at home depot. Its a fairly stiff galvanized piece of metal. I had to cut around any piece of cast that was up higher than the frame because there was no room to put my plate on top of those projections and still have the case fit. Once the metal was clamped in place a large amount of two part liqiuid epoxy was put in on the web side (inside) of the frame and it filled up the area like a pool. I wire brushed and cleaned any cast that i thought epoxy would touch to ensure a good bond. Once dry (very quickly) this provided the stability I needed to re assemble the machine and the brass went right over the repair.

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