Non NCR Detail Adder wheel strips

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10 months 6 days ago - 9 months 3 weeks ago #3198 by RittysMachine
RittysMachine created the topic: Non NCR Detail Adder wheel strips
]Bill challenged me to create non-NCR strips for his detail adder wheels. I'm a rookie with detail adders but I do know Microsoft's Excel. Milton provided the template that he had made, and after getting a lesson in how these wheels count and about 50 sheets of paper I created this. I made them in more denominations than requested but enough to do my World Cash Register. Most smaller machines might only need pages 1 and 2.

Bill will evaluate next week with a printed copy I mailed to him.

I did notice that the non-NCR wheels used the $ sign when ever they had the room. I followed that pattern. Also the originals displayed the under a dollar amounts as $.50 and not $0.50 as is the default with the program that was used to create it. Rather than providing boxes to cut on you will notice that the background is light gray. There is a little gloss to the printed copy although this pdf version should be able to be printed or given to a printer to create your desired quality.

Please review and let me know if any change is needed. The attachment is a spreadsheet version because I've found that saving as a pdf, word or image distorts the length of the strip. The only consistent method was to print from Excel.

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9 months 3 weeks ago #3267 by Vintagepos
Vintagepos replied the topic: Non NCR Detail Adder wheel strips
Print the strips on linen paper for texture and strength ( Gene Braddock's tip) it works well . Then after glueing on wheels spray with a semi gloss clear laquer to seal and keep the strips as new. Milton

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