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    Hello CRCCI Members.

    If you wonder where your dues money goes, it goes to support this web site. Since taking over as President in November I have never learned the total cost spent to develop or maintain the site. While the former CRCCI President entered into a contractual agreement with the Kabam Web Site Developer, there never was a maintenance agreement. Below is a current invoice for $162.91 for some recent services rendered. I inquired what a fix cost agreement would be and was told it would be $249.00 a month which would put us out of business very quickly. I am looking into other Web Site options and ask if any of the membership is experienced with web sites to also look into other possibilities so we can have some comparisons for our November meeting to discuss this situation. It appears the CRCCI previously gave Kabam the green light without getting any cost comparisons from other Web Site Designers. To late to correct the past, but we don't want to make the same poor decisions in the future. Any assistance on ideas or directions to go from the membership would be greatly appreciated.

    Invoice: 10519
    AbleSpark / KABAM.net
    P.O. Box 276
    Davidsonville MD 21035

    and KABAM.net
    Cash Register Collector's Club
    Bill Navratil
    P.O. Box 131053
    Ann Arbor MI 48113
    Invoice # 10519
    Invoice Date June 1, 2017
    Balance Due (USD)


    Time Entry Notes



    Line Total

    Download and install updated version of EasyProfile





    Unit Cost


    Line Total

    EasyProfile Program for website (at cost)



    Total 162.81
    Amount Paid 0.00

    Balance Due (USD)

    Thank you for choosing AbleSpark!
    Please send your payment within 14 days of receiving this invoice.
    You can make your check payable to either AbleSpark or KABAM.

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