Some Registers That Could Possibly Be at the Swap Meet

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  • The grandson of a guy who helped get me started into registers is considering bringing some cash registers and parts to the swap meet. Since he has to travel a far distance, he wondered how many cash registers collector's would be participating in the swap meet to determine if it is worth his efforts to load up and travel. Told him I would make an inquiry. He is in the process of establishing prices for his machines. His grandfather restored all these machines and he has been deceased since the late 90s. I suggested he attend our swap meet then go over to Pheasant Run and buy a one day set up for Friday that would allow him to open his truck/trailer in the parking lot on Thursday at the Mega Center. This might be good idea for any of our members that want to move some merchandise.

    The 128 cast iron machine is sort of scarce. I have one, and only have seen a couple others.These would be good started registers for newer collectors because the are mechanically functional.. I told the young fellow to determine prices before offering the machines for sale. When he give prices to me I will post them. Hopefully, we will have a large enough response for the swap meet to make it worth his wild. I last visited this young fellow and his grandmother a dozen years ago. He said everything is still in place like it was when I was there. He also has plenty of parts and part machines.
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