Two Up & Coming Cash Register Auctions

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  • FYI. Two Cash Register Auctions in the next few months.

    First one is on January 6th in Brighton, Michigan. This is part of the Jim Marks Collection. A good way to spend all that Xmas money you received.

    Second one is on April 22th in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is the Showtime Auction that will feature another 50 or more registers from Harry's collection. I am of the opinion, and this is pure speculation, that some of these 50 cash registers might have been sold to the mysterious absentee bidder at last Octobers Showtime Auction. Only speculation, but our membership will be able to recognize them if they are hold overs from the fall auction.

    The past Cash Register Auctions have turned out to be nice social events for our CRCC members who attended.

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