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  • I received these two emails from a fellow with a Model 84 that has an interesting personalize back plate. Of course no photo's were included, and no price given. In fact, he doesn't own the machine and is/was looking to see the value of the machine and if anyone would be interested. I provide the info from volume 2 on the model and date of mfg. Told him pictures would be needed to get a better idea of value. At the CRCC meeting in Aril I will bring up the suggestion of charging non members a minimal fee of $25.00 to give info, post pictures, and help them try and market their registers. People who contact me thru the site are watering at the mouth because they acquire a diamond in the rough and are anticipating big big dollars. None of the inquires know how to market their finds. Guess they never heard of classified adds, flea markets, antique shows, Craigslist or Ebay. I don't believe the CRCC exists to market cash registers for non members.

    I am posting this under the members only sections because the Paragon Pharmacy is a great back plate and I don't want to see any non paying member who trolls our site have the opportunity to grab it before one of our members. This is the best item to come before me in my 10 months as CRCC President.

    Dear Sir,
    I have aquired a NCR cash register but would like more information about it? Could you please help me?
    I have the numbers which are in the front of the register. The first number is 84 and directly beneath the 84 is the following numbers, 345812. It was made for a specific company and their name is embossed on the register. The register is a hand crank. If you press the second number on the top left and crank the handle, the drawer will open and the bell will ring. The numbers are stamped into the brass in between the numbers on the front of the register. The tray is wood but the outside of it is a quarter inch thick silver I think. The base of the register is wood, but the rest of the register is brass, silver and maybe copper I think. I am curious about two things. The first of course is when it was made and second the information about the company it was made for. I studied anthropology in college and this is a beautiful piece of Americana.


    Jonathan E. Grecu

    My contact information is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    and 334-200-9832.

    Dear Bill,
    Whatever information you could possibly get for me would be amazing. Here is the situation I found the register in an estate sale and have an inside on it. It is mine as I said but I want to know what it is worth. On the back of the register it says Paragon Pharmacy. It seems the register was made for that pharmacy. The register was used in a mom and pop country store and I have been told that the NCR rep wanted to buy it from the owners of the store but the old man would not sell it. That was around 1961 or 62. I want the register and it is mine if I so desire. I just don't know enough about it. One more thing the back unscrews and the number 1874 is stamped inside.
    Thank you for responding back to me so quickly.


    Jonathan Grecu
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