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    Received this email today. My reply is posted below. Anyone interested in reaching out to this fellow?

    Jeffry Jamouneau (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
    To:you Details
    I recently acquired and had refurbished an R C Allen cash register/adding machine used in a small country store in southern PA.

    Does your organization have any upcoming get-togethers, "flea markets" or the like?

    Thanks for the email.

    We have the Cash Register Collector Club Meeting and Swap Meet April 5th in St. Charles, Illinois. Our event is held in conjunction with the Chicago Coin Op Show. Would be well worth your time and effort to attend. In addition to our club web site, , you can follow us on Facebook at Cash Register Collectors Club. I will post your email on our club web site in case anyone would want to reach out to you.

    Bill Navratil

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