file Jammed Model 349

2 months 2 weeks ago #5896 by dep

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  • Replied by dep on topic Jammed Model 349
    check to see if the right side pin which holds the accumulater in place is not rubbing against the arm next to it on the right.

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    1 month 1 week ago #5976 by PlaneGuy

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  • Replied by PlaneGuy on topic Jammed Model 349
    Quick update.

    I went ahead and took out the key arms, drawer assembly along with that lower cam line. To get that cam line out I had to drive out all the locator pins and pull out the shaft. I got the key arms cleaned up, made some new key checks and installed them. Tested the machine and it worked great. Next I installed the drawer assembly and still the machine worked as it should. Then I reinstalled the cam line and all the links that interface with the special key arms, printer and adder. Went to test it out and it worked exactly as it did before I took it all apart. At the point I now know what the main culprit is. I ended up removing the links that attached to the hotel and barn key arms and now the machine doesn’t get stuck with those keys. Funny enough, now the .45 and .15 keys just barely get stuck but if I put a flat head between the neckties for those keys and rotate, the key releases. I guess this means that I need to shave those down a tiny bit?

    I appreciate everyone’s help, I have learned a lot on how these machines work with this project. Now I just need to finish the indicators and final polishing and I can get it put back together. Then on to the next machine!!

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    1 week 3 days ago #6075 by Vintagepos

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  • Replied by Vintagepos on topic Jammed Model 349
    The 3 key arms charge ,paid and received on account must have an amount key pressed with them the paid out and charge key will disable the counter from adding as well . The mechanism also turns the printer typewheel to print on detail strip.

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