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    Wishing all CRCC members and non-members viewing this site a Joyful and Prosperous 2018.

    A few reminders. First, on January 6th, one of our original club members, Jim Marks, will be auctioning off some machines from his cash register collection at Merkel's Auction Specialist, Inc., 2795 S. M52 UAW Local 1284,Chelsea, MI 734-320-9828.

    Second reminder is that is that the next Cash Register Collector Club Swap Meet and Meeting will be held on Thursday, April 6, 2018 in St. Charles, Illinois. Table set up for our indoor swap meet is $15.00 a table, and is held indoors at the Kane County Fairgrounds. Meeting is held at the Quality Inn. The motel gives CRCC members a discounted room rate. This year the new motel management will be checking names against our membership list to actually see if people requesting the CRCC discounted room rate are actually members or free loaders.

    Third reminder is the Showtime Auction in Ann Arbor, Michigan will be offering another lot of 50 or more cash registers from the Harry Kloda Collection. The Weber Inn a few miles away offers a discounted room rate for Auction Participants and Customers and is an excellent host facility. Even if you are not in a position to buy machines, it is a worthwhile auction to attend and enjoy the company and fellowship of other cash register collectors and also to view some good, some bad, and some ugly merchandise.

    Finally, the forth reminder is that long time cash register collector, Marty Chitijan, posted on our site that he has some National Cash Register Parts, Top Signs and Clocks for sale. Marty started collecting in the 1960s and has plenty of good stuff.

    New cash register collectors are lucky to be entering the hobby at a time when many decades long collections are starting to be dispersed.There are plenty of good cash registers and parts that will be available in all of the four reminders posted above that will make searching out items much easier. If you are looking for a specific part for your cash register, I suggest you contact Bob Dep at Vintage Cash Register. DEP is the only full time Cash Register Dealer in the Country, an original club member, and can provide you with the item you desire in a quick and efficient manner.

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