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    I received the below email regarding registers for sale in California. Contact the seller if interested.

    I have some pics she sent, I can send them to you if you want, let me know.

    Misc. Newsletters from Various Years -
    Framed Photos, Posters
    NCR 24" Diameter Mirrored Sign
    Heavy Metal Wall Sign "The National (20.5" length) Cash Register Co (28.5" length) (#97D893)
    National Sprocket made of Heavy Metal (#37B890 - 9"x5.5")
    CPC 1953 Gold Clock with calendar - electric - does not work (7" tall x 5" deep x 6" wide)
    1955 CPC Silver Tray 11.75" diameter - Sterling Poole
    1960 CPC Tray

    Over 200 misc register lock keys- various types and misc parts

    Original Films:

    NCR presents IRA Hayes keeping pace with tomorrow;

    1950 The Bell Heard Around the World Print #2

    New Face on Mainstreet 17minutes

    Class 21 Demo by P.A. Peterman

    1979 Design for Growth NCR

    Timeframe about 1948 - Prove the Need

    Timeframe about 1946 - Title Unknown

    18 Cash Registers in various conditions - see attached list.

    $8,000 for all - AS IS
    Buyer would be responsible for packing, shipping and insurance. Attached is a list of registers and photos of some of the additional items.
    We would need the items picked up by June 1st.

    We really appreciate you putting this in your newsletter or emailing to your associates.

    Best regards,


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