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    I have been provide some useful information pertaining to the 70 cash registers Art Ham has consigned in the Morphy's June 20th & 21st cash register auction. No info on the Dick Witcher auction was provided to me. If I get some information I will post it.

    All of Art Ham's registers will be sold on day 1 of the auction which is now Saturday June 20. It looks like we have them lotted in four groupings. The first grouping will begin the auction at 10:00am EST with about 20 registers in the 1st 30 lots of the day. Our goal is to do between 80-100 lots per hour. Obviously, we cannot be certain of timing, but your 2nd grouping starts at lot 96 (1096). So it should begin roughly an hour in. There are 19 of your registers from lot 1096-1119. The next grouping is 17 registers between lots 1206-1237. Probable start time between 12:00 and 12-30. The last 12 registers are grouped between lots 1568-1587. I can reasonably assume that this grouping will not start before 3:30 but it could be 3:30 or 4:30 depending on the pace. Hopefully the pace is slower because we have so much bidding activity!

    Again, I'm guessing Dick Witcher registers, clocks, top signs might be auctioned off on day 2. Just a guess.

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    9 months 2 weeks ago #5727 by Dialman

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    I think your guess is wrong. If a lot starts with a "1" it sells on day 1. They sell by lot order so Dick's stuff will be mixed in. All register lots start with a 1 so all register stuff should sell on day 1.

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