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  • Hello all!
    My first posting here. 
    I'm in the middle of restoring a jammed 422 crank register here in London, UK. eBay find six or more years ago. I guess around 1912 by the serial number.
    Like a lot of restorations we plan - this week, next week, sometime, never - this one was left for a long time simply BECAUSE it was jammed.
    Anyway, body panels removed, base removed machine de-gunked and cleaned, and I've manged to unjam it - it was part-way through a 'cycle' which didn't help - turned out to be a jammed print unit.

    My question is: It's a nickel-plated register - all the body panels are now clean and shining, free of verdigris. The cash drawer is the usual wood unit with compartments, and a NATIONAL metal front panel screwed on.
    The wood base of the register is black lacquered mahogany. But the drawer FRAME isn't wood, but all brass panels screwed together, same pattern as the top panels. These brass panels and the metal drawer front panel have been undercoated in (red lead?) paint, then painted/sprayed a sort of light brown metallic colour.

    Just wondering - is this sort of marriage of two different finishes usual? Or maybe has the drawer unit been replaced, substituted or changed in the past. The register itself was/is very genuine - it had spent about sixty or more years in the storeroom of a flower shop in the North of England, since we changed our currency to decimal
    In restoration terms I've wondering whether to retain the drawer unit metal frame paint finish (it's a bit scuffed and damaged here and there) or have the panels stripped and nickel-plated to match the rest of the register...? 

    Thoughts, advice, recommendations, observations all welcomed....!

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